Friday, June 20, 2008

Pro-Choice, Anti-State

Haven't been able to write much these past few days due to family obligations. We currently have family visiting from out of town who will be with us through the weekend, and it's a most welcome visit.

However, I have had a spare minute here and there to put a couple of cents into the comments thread of a recent post by Charles W. Johnson at his RadGeek site, "Abortion on demand and without apology (Kiwi edition)". What started off as a brief comment by Charles on New Zealand abortion law has evolved into a debate on the always controversial topic of abortion in the comments section, including whether or not a woman should necessarily feel guilt, shame or a need to apologize for having had one. (I say she should not.)

Meanwhile, Roderick Long reminds us that his petition to abolish the United States government is still going strong (now with 349 signatures and counting). That's a very small fraction of this nation's total population, so spread the word far and wide! I signed early on. Of course, this may not do much in actually accomplishing the goal, but it makes for good agitprop in getting the message out to the many millions of Americans who have narrowed their thinking down to the teeny tiny confines of the Demoblican neoconliberal mental box.

I should have more time to write after the weekend. I plan to publish reviews of Karl Hess' autobiography and Charles W. Johnson's essay "Liberty, Equality, Solidarity" (recently published in the anthology Anarchism/Minarchism: Is Government Part of a Free Country?) some time in the coming week, as well as anything else that may strike my fancy.

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